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Available to New Jersey Residents Only

First Mortgage Loans

We offer Fixed and Adjustable Rate first mortgage loans at competitive rates.

  • Loans up to $729,000 have a maximum loan to value ratio of 80%.
  • Loans from $729,001 to $828,999 have a maximum loan to value ratio of 75%.
  • Loans over $829,000 have a maximum loan to value of 70%.
  • Maximum Loan: $1,500,000

A minimum down payment of 20% is required for all mortgage loans. Private Mortgage Insurance is not available at this time. Please call for further details. Application Fees: Single Family, owner-occupied: $500 2-4 Family, owner-occupied: $650. An additional fee may be charged on any home values exceeding $1million.

For general mortgage questions:

Or call (201) 659-3600 ext. 320 to speak to a residential loan representative.

For general loan servicing questions:

Or call (201) 659‐3600, ext. 398 to speak with a loan servicing representative.

For flood insurance:

For real estate taxes:

Special CRA Mortgage Programs*

“Making Dreams Come True Since 1938”
Haven Savings Bank offers special loan programs for qualified borrowers designed to make home ownership more affordable.

First Time Homebuyers Program

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Dream-to-Reality Mortgage Program

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Community Outreach Program

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Loan Modification Program

Haven Savings Bank is offering a Modification Program to our current mortgage customers to help them take advantage of the lower interest rates now available at the bank. There are many advantages and cost-saving benefits to simply modifying your loan rather than refinancing.

If you are interested, please contact our Loan Processors at (201) 659-3600, ext. 320.

*This is a limited time offer for owner-occupied properties and the program can change at any time without notice.

Home Equity Loans

We offer both fixed rate home equity loans and a variable rate Home Equity Line Plan (H.E.L.P.) on 1 to 4 family owner occupied properties with no application fees and no points.

Our fixed rate home equity loan has a maximum loan amount of $150,000.

Our Haven Equity Line Plan (H.E.L.P.) is a variable rate revolving line of credit offering a maximum credit line of $150,000. Interest is charged on the outstanding balance, not the full amount of the credit line. The minimum monthly payment is the greater of $50 or 1/240th of the outstanding balance plus interest.

Maximum loan to value is 70%, 75% if Haven is the first mortgagee.

Click here to see our “Loan Rates” page for current rates and terms.

For more information call (201) 659-3600, ext. 320 to speak to a residential loan representative.

Preauthorized Loan Payments

  • Do you know that your bank is sending a generic paper check through the mail?
  • Do you know that, unlike borrowers that physically write a check, since the check is not returned with the remittance portion of the statement, it requires manual processing?
  • Did you know that Haven Savings Bank has the ability to debit this same bank automatically, eliminating this manual process?


  • Have your payment amount automatically adjusted if there’s a change in your escrow or interest rate.
  • Schedule your loan payments. Pay on the Due Date or select a number of days before or after the Due Date provided and avoid late fees. (Please consult your loan Note to determine when your grace period ends).
  • Continue to receive a monthly loan statement

Please be aware that if you are currently using a third party bill payment system and would like to change to Haven Savings Bank Auto Pay, it will be your responsibility to discontinue or “delete” this payment. Failure to do so may result in your loan payment being credited multiple times.

Please fill out the enclosed Authorization Agreement form and return it to:
621 Washington Street
Hoboken NJ 07030

If you have any questions please call our Loan servicing department at (201) 659‐3600, ext. 398.

Download Haven Preauthorized Automatic Transfer (PDF)